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what I seek with

this work

The work I do is definitely not the definition of conventional. I became a coach because I’m constantly questioning my life and wondering what’s creating my reality and how I can make it happier, more connected, meaningful and purposeful. I find that while I’m doing this, the most authentic version of me emerges, and that’s my intention when I work with people; to bring the best, most real and courageous version of themselves present. 

I believe that what's behind our eyes holds more power than what is in front of them as we create our life through perception. This simple reason made me fall in love with hypnosis. A magnificent resource to focus our attention where it produces the best possible reality. 

What I work with

I’m a trained psychotherapist, so I obviously integrate psychology with all the cards under my sleeve.  My coaching style goes hand in hand with hypnosis and is very influenced by neuroscience, systemic family therapy, integrative and Chinese medicine, meditation and strong spiritual principles. 

How I work

I believe that we are entirely responsible for what we create in our lives and that in this fact lies our real power. The power to embrace change rather than fight it, and to choose how we interpret and respond to our ever-changing environment. This is the basis of how I work, by allowing individuals to own 100% of their responsibility, their choices and their power because I believe this is the best way in which we generate resilience, internal strength and change that lasts over time. 

Who I work with

Regardless of who you are, if you are deeply committed to working your butt off and showing up for yourself, I'll be delighted to meet you. Other than this, I wish to work with people who are socially aware, who know their success should not take from anyone, instead it must bring others up, who can use their growth to effect social change and make a positive impact on their direct environment, society and the world.

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