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Logistics, formats & Fees

There are different formats in which our work together can support you in achieving a specific life project or overcoming a personal/professional challenge.

Individual coaching and hypnosis sessions

Sessions usually run for approx 90 min. (in person or via zoom) and are scheduled based on each client's individual needs and goals.

Ongoing coaching and hypnosis

Continuous one-to-one work (in person or via zoom). Sessions usually run for approx 60 - 90 min. and are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Coaching runs until the booked time block has been used up. Know more

Intensive coaching partnership

Partnership is the key word here. This is a 90-day intensive synergistic work between us.  We meet once a week via zoom or in person (for local clients only) for approx 60-90 min. This format is unique and powerful, as the work you do and our communication extends beyond the time we share each meeting. Know more

* I call this a coaching partnership because the bulk of the work in this program is devoted to intense self-discovery. Hypnosis is a core component of my work style and will play a core role during our relationship on an as-needed basis. 

Socially aware coaching program

This is a socially engaging version of the Intensive coaching partnership. This format is for those passionate souls who want to use their success to effect social change while leveraging social change to deepen their personal growth. On top of our one-to-one weekly interaction, we'll dive deep into understanding what aspects of the current social climate turn on your pain buttons (poverty, violence, animals, you name it) and create a step-by-step plan of how you can make a positive impact fueled by your own personal growth. We'll choose a legit organization together, and 20% of the proceeds will be donated. Know more

* The same applies as with the Intensive Coaching Partnership

Per session



10 hours = C$1,650

20 hours = C$3,300


90-day intensive = C$2,475


SA 90-day intensive = C$3,300

20% will be donated to a social cause